About Ebrandz

Ebrandz is a top notch Digital Marketing Agency which intends to make Search Marketing affordable to individual Entrepreneurs and SMEs and help their clients increase their web traffic and sales. Ebrandz has successfully executed more than 6000 Search Marketing campaigns for clients based in over 40 countries in the past four years.

Problem Statement

Insight Generation

Ebrandz needed weekly and monthly reports to cater to its 2k+ strong clientele and provide them insights about their ongoing digital marketing activities, challenges and actionables so that the customers get a better picture of their efforts. Doing this manually with dedicated data analysts was not feasible as they had a sizeable number of clients.

While they had dashboards that showed figures like sessions decreased by 30%, but what led to the increase? Was it because of increased traffic from a particular city, or a surge from a particular demography. They needed these kinds of deep insights that those bland figures couldn’t capture and that too on scale. These reports also needed to be prepared for all clients within 6 hours of the arrival of the data.

Information Overload

The data also came from 7 different sources and insights for all of them needed to be prepared. It was also important to identify the most important metrics and prepare an executive summary which gives clients a good overview of what happened and what were the most interesting trends last week instead of giving them an information overload of charts and figures.

The Solution

Data and ETL

The first part of the solution is the data, we collect data from 7 different data sources (google analytics adwords etc), cleanse it and transform it to create all the data points that we need to create meaningful insights. The solution is made in such a way that it is easy to add a new data source in a plug and play fashion.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Natural language generation is the cornerstone of our entire automated reporting efforts. NLG is a technology that converts data into human readable prose.

Using automatic insight generation we find interesting patterns in the data which are to be highlighted in the reports. These insights are then converted into human readable sentences using NLG.

A partial monthly report for a client

AI based Forecasting

Another important feature implemented was forecasting the number of sessions in the upcoming week/month based on past trends. The forecast predicts daily sessions for the next week/month that captures seasonal differences, upcoming holiday spike or a lull so that clients can better prepare for the upcoming change in traffic.

By using this approach we were able to solve the problem of personalized insights for all of eBrandz’ digital marketing customers. All this is generated automatically within the timeframe specified by the client and the customers get their reports at the end of a week and month respectively.

The Impact

The automated data analysis and insights at scale meant that all eBrandz customers had a private virtual data analyst that gives them concise and focussed human readable reports. Customers can see the performance of the digital marketing campaigns and make data driven decisions based on the insights they get from the reports.

The reports also increase customer engagement for eBrandz as the content is personalized and brings in more transparency as customers have a better picture of their investment.